Wedding Trends for Grooms, Groomsmen and Guests

Wedding Trends for Grooms, Groomsmen and Guests

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When dressing for a wedding, it is tempting to simply wear office-appropriate clothing. While certainly convenient, such attire will also look as though it was “just convenient” to attend the wedding – no extra effort and no amount of thought given to the special occasion. So, it's important to dress appropriately. But what does that mean?

Simply put, per current wedding trends, attire for grooms, groomsmen and guests can be as glamorous or downright comfortable as the venue demands!


Grooms should get used to taking cues from the bride immediately. Hopefully, the couple is in sync enough by now that they have a pretty good idea of their wedding attire. If not, always err on the side of caution and ask the bride for her vision.

For the bride envisioning her Prince Charming waiting for her at the end of the aisle, nothing less than formal attire will do.

Formal attire usually means a black tie and tuxedo. A crisp, white shirt, smart black vest, cufflinks and black patent shoes with black socks complete the look. The tuxedo itself should be well-tailored. Remember, the brides have born several torturous fittings to create the perfect look for her dress. A trip to the tailor to ensure that she truly sees her Prince Charming is not too much to ask.

If the wedding is more casual, a dapper sport coat or turtleneck can be the way to go. But again, always check with the bride!


Groomsmen often have a little more leeway than the groom when it comes to wedding attire. Rarely are they tasked with the same level of formality as the groom, but the wise groomsman will still check in with the bride to confirm her wedding vision.

One of the hottest wedding trends is colorful suits. Depending on the bride’s preference, all of the suits may be in one color or may represent a rainbow of colors. This semi-formal attire may be jewel-toned for a fall or winter wedding, or pastel for a spring or summer wedding. Regardless of color, an appropriate shirt, tie and shoes are required.

Wedding guests

Family and friends have an even easier time dressing for the occasion, but it's still important to follow three main rules:

  • Never wear white.
  • Respect religious traditions.
  • Never outshine the bride and groom.

If the invitation does not clearly state a dress code such as “formal” or “beach casual,” what's the best thing to do? Check with the bride or her family to see what attire is expected. Also, remember that it is always better to be slightly over-dressed than under-dressed for a wedding.

Given the COVID-19 constraints, many couples are opting for “outdoor casual” weddings. In this sense, “outdoor casual” rarely means that guests should dress as though they were attending a Saturday outdoor barbeque. Shorts, flip-flops and tank tops are never appropriate wedding attire.

Instead, opt for a quality polo shirt, chino pants, a sport coat and comfortable footwear – with or without socks. If the weather is warm enough, a guest can leave the sport coat draped across the back of his chair.

Additional wedding trends and advice

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