Q & A: Ike Behar's action-packed collaboration with John Wick

Q & A: Ike Behar's action-packed collaboration with John Wick


       The hit action movie series, John Wick, has grossed nearly $500 million worldwide to date. Starring Keanu Reeves as the titular anti-hero, the movie has been a breath of fresh air for revenge films and has revitalized the genre with its stylish, brutal action. This slick aesthetic starts with the protagonist's wardrobe. Sporting custom Ike Behar suits, John always looks like the consummate professional while doing his work, namely mowing down waves of baddies out to do him harm. The Ike Behar and John Wick partnership began with the first movie in 2014 and has not wavered since. We sat down with Ike Behar CEO, Alan Behar, to get some more info on the relationship between Ike Behar and the John Wick productions.

Q and A

  • Q: When designing shirts and costumes for an action-heavy movie such as John Wick, are there any special considerations Ike Behar needs to make?
  • A: The clothes are custom-made for John Wick in the film. The major consideration is that the clothes have to look perfect and move for the action scenes. Fortunately, there are great high-quality fabrics that offer a luxurious, custom-made look while allowing for unrestricted movement. Next, the same suit is worn throughout the film in many shots and different takes. This requires multiple copies of the suit, since an action movie can cause any fabric to become worn. We frequently provide 20 or so identical garments so that the movie has continuity from a costuming perspective.


  • Q: What clothing did Ike Behar specifically make for the John Wick films?
  • A: Ike Behar made the suits and ties. Whenever John is shown at his best, he's wearing Ike Behar clothing.


  • Q: How many baddies did John Wick take out wearing Ike Behar clothing?
  • A: All of them.


  • Q: What is it like for a clothing designer to work with a Hollywood costume director? How is making consumer clothing different from movie outfits?
  • A: We've worked with numerous Hollywood costume designers over the years and have designed clothes for Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith and many others. We treat designing for Hollywood just like designing for our regular clients. Each character has particular needs, so the costume designers will work with us and our extensive archives to craft the perfect look that reflects the character's personality in the film. We worked with Luca Mosca, John Wick's costume designer, on a couple of past projects. So, he had a comfort level with Ike Behar and knew we could produce the look envisioned for Keneau Reeves's character. The trick is to make every piece the actor will be wearing identical to each other. That takes an expert eye for tailoring, and this proven aptitude has made us extremely sought-after in Hollywood.

       You could say, John Wick trusts Ike Behar more than anyone else in his life! If you're interested in channeling the masculine essence of John Wick without having to resort to vigilante justice, look no further than our Continental Collection. Featuring the suit, shirts, tie and belt buckles that will have you feeling like an action hero, you can take on all comers.


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