Just a Plain White Shirt? The Simplicity and Versatility of This Classic Piece

Just a Plain White Shirt? The Simplicity and Versatility of This Classic Piece


Less is more. In fashion, it means prioritizing neutrals, simple lines and versatile pieces. The classic men's white shirt is a perfect example of this concept. Whether you wear it fitted or classic, with short or long sleeves, a thick or loose weave, it’s a blank canvas for your personal style.

Using white as a canvas

A white shirt is a neutral choice, which means you can wear it to balance an outfit or use it as a companion piece to an accessory that makes a statement.

White shirt and jeans

Jeans evoke comfort and ruggedness and aren't necessarily something you would associate with class and sophistication. However, a white shirt can elevate this classic look and help you create something that falls somewhere between a weekend outfit and an elegant and modern style.

Opt for a light or medium wash for a more casual touch, or pair a men's white shirt with a darker wash, a tailored cut and a blazer for a more professional look.

Try a loose weave

If you feel overdressed when wearing a button-down shirt outside of work, the trick is to pick a loose weave. The weave refers to the technique used when crossing cotton threads to make a fabric and can influence the texture and flow of the garment. A fabric with a loose weave, like linen, can create a casual and easy-going result thanks to its lightweight feel.

Match the shirt to the occasion

The cut and style of your shirt can make or break an outfit. Make sure it matches the event:

  • For casual settings, a utility or military style sport shirt with pockets and a soft collar is an excellent option. You can also wear a sport shirt with short sleeves for a modern summertime look.
  • The Oxford shirt is a must-have piece since it's a versatile item that you can dress up or down. Details like the single pocket and the soft collar evoke a laidback personality while the form makes it work in more professional settings.
  • Business and dress shirts have a much more structured feel thanks to their stiff collars and cuffs and thus should be worn underneath a suit or sport coat.

Two styles you need

It only takes a couple of items to upgrade your wardrobe:

  • You need a classic white-on-white dress shirt. It’s an elegant piece that you can wear with jeans, shorts, khakis or dress pants. We recommend something with a traditional fit in the shoulders and back and slightly slimming effects along the sides and across the chest for a flattering look.
  • You should also own a white twill or broadcloth shirt that you can wear with a jacket at work or with the sleeves rolled up for an evening out with friends.

Wear a men's white shirt your way

Remember, white shirts are both versatile and neutral. This means you can experiment with different looks and find something that works for you without worrying about committing a fashion faux pas.

Discover your style

Will you wear a white shirt with some slip-ons and light-wash jeans for a relaxed feel? Or with black jeans and some sneakers for a modern and sporty look? Use the pieces you already own to put together outfits that reflect your personal style.

Find the right cut

The ideal cut and length of a shirt depend on your size and body shape. Stay away from anything that sits too close to the body or that completely hides your natural shape.

Tailoring is key

At Ike Behar, we believe a modest piece like a men's white shirt can take any outfit to the next level. Take a look at our selection to explore different styles and cuts!


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