Ike Behar's New "BUY AS A GIFT" Feature

Give the gift of style with Ike Behar

Ikebehar.com is announcing a brand new feature just in time for the holidays. Forget impersonal gift cards with the new "BUY AS A GIFT" feature you can send any item on ikebehar.com as a personalized gift. Record your own custom video or text message, and when you want the recipient to receive it, and we'll take care of the rest.


Upon receiving their gift the recipient can select size, style, color or any other variations, as well as specify the best shipping address. No more guessing sizes or fishing for addresses. 


Step 1:

Find the item you want on ikebehar.com and select "BUY AS A GIFT." 

Step 2: 

Select occasion and enter sender's name, email address, and recipient's name. Select whether you'd like to include a text or video message. 

Step 3:

Record and save message. Decide when and where we are sending it. Select date and time of delivery. Enter recipient email address. 

Step 4:

Check out like normal!

If you have any issues sending the perfect gift feel free to message us at cs@ikebehar.com and we will happily assist you. 




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