Put Your Best Foot Forward: Ike Behar Handmade Footwear.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Ike Behar Handmade Footwear.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Ike Behar Handmade Footwear and Ike Behar's Gold Label


A great dress shoe can really make an outfit, elevating your overall look and adding a luxurious finish to your style.

Contrary to popular belief, not every situation calls for tennis shoes or flip-flops. On those occasions where you want to make the best impression, so you don't want to spoil your elegant aesthetic with casual footwear.

There will be formal events, big job interviews, anniversary dinners and many other times in life where your trusty sneakers aren't going to cut it. So, you'd better have a few options for dress shoes in your closet as well.

Dress shoe buying tips

There are many variations of dress shoes, and which you choose depends on the occasion and your personal style.

A few common options include:

  • Black leather Oxford.The standard for any black tie or formal event, the black leather Oxford offers a traditional and classy look. Don't wear these dress shoes with jeans, khakis or other types of casual attire.
  • Brown leather dress shoes.Brown leather is perfect for less formal situations where you still want to look fantastic. They are great additions for business suits and more laid-back clothing as well. Consider brogues to flash a distinct style with a lot of character. These feature decorative perforations that provide a unique, rustic feel.
  • Dress loafers. Leather dress loafers are slip-ons made are a versatile option. Dress up a pair of khakis and a button-up shirt, or dress down a sport jacket.
  • Monk strap dress shoes. One or two (Monk) straps are pulled over the tops and fastened.
  • Whole-cut leather shoes. Expertly constructed from a single piece of leather, whole-cuts are widely considered to be the most formal footwear available. If you absolutely must look your best, accept no substitutes.

Gold Label dress shoes

Ike Behar Gold Label dress shoes line aims to set a new standard in quality footwear. The crown jewel of this line is the Torino Dress Shoe. shoe

The Torino, like all Ike Behar Gold Label shoes, are handmade and whole-cut from leather, making each pair a masterpiece crafted over ten hours per pair. Each pair is unique and beautiful. Ike Behar's special "Anticatura" technique is used to craft gorgeous works of art on every upper. This method of hand-dying leather results in a one-of-a-kind, aged look that can't be matched.

Find Gold Label shoes on the Ike Behar website. In addition to the Torino, find elegant Oxfords and Double Monk Strap dress shoes that all feature this eye-popping Anticatura upper on the site.

Think about events where you'll be needing dress shoes and choose whichever model suits your needs the best. No matter what you choose, there's no doubt you'll be looking debonair and suave in Ike Behar shoes.

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