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Being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice elegance. With an unparalleled mix of soft fabrics and flattering yet comfortable cuts, sophistication and great taste are hallmarks of the new generation of menswear that is emerging post-pandemic.

The trend toward comfort

Pandemic fashion redefined what daily wear looks like. However, the pandemic merely accelerated a trend that fashion experts had been observing for a few years: athleisure, loungewear and casual dress are becoming more popular and driving the demand for softer fabrics.

The grand reopening has been accompanied by new fashion codes, namely structured looks built around a statement piece or a combination of bold colors. But when it comes to fabrics and materials, comfort, softness and a smooth feel are poised to become mainstays of the sartorial landscape.

Stretch fabrics

Stretch fabrics have elastic fibers like elastane, spandex, or lycra woven into cotton and other materials. The result is a fabric that is smooth, breathable and wrinkle resistant.

Natural stretch cotton elevates the stretch fabric and turns it into an exceptional material that stands out thanks to its softness and elasticity while delivering the structure and cut you would expect from a high-quality piece. Using natural cotton fibers results in a lightweight feel and slight sheen that exudes style and elegance.

Style-conscious men are embracing the stretch chino trend for 2022. These first-rate pieces are extremely versatile, whether you want to create a memorable impression in a business setting or need a last-minute outfit for a night out that will look both smart and modern. And with their stretch fabric, these superior pants have the smooth and luxurious feel of cotton fibers and the relaxed and flattering fit that stretch materials allow for.

Ultra-soft cotton blends

Cotton blends weave cotton fibers with materials like linen, rayon, or elastane to combine the characteristics of different materials. Mixing synthetic and organic fibers results in clothes that are soft, wrinkle-resistant and more durable. Plus, ultra-soft cotton blends preserve the smooth and comfortable feel of high-quality natural cotton fibers to create the finest menswear.

Five-pocket pants and joggers

Comfortable loungewear was an acceptable fashion choice during the pandemic, but it’s time to reimagine what soft pants look like by adding a touch of taste and sophistication.

Ultra-soft cotton pants and joggers are tailored to deliver a comfortable and relaxed feel that instills confidence while embracing your movements. Thanks to their structured look and practical features like additional pockets, these pants are the perfect piece for an everyday outfit that radiates class.

Fine merino knits and sweaters

Merino sheep are known for their fine wool. They produce finer fibers than other breeds, which results in a material that makes for breathable and comfortable knits.

Merino sweaters are perfect for creating a relaxed and elegant look with a timeless feel. Plus, this smooth material can help regulate your body temperature and the porous fibers are great for eliminating moisture, which makes Merino wool a comfortable material you can wear close to the skin for a streamlined look.

Pima cotton polos

Pima cotton comes from a type of cotton plant that produces longer fibers with a silky feel. Clothes made with a Pima cotton blend are typically soft and durable. This material also makes colors look richer for a luxurious result.

Pima cotton polos combine the traditional look of a polo shirt with the soothing feel of high-quality material. These polo shirts can elevate a simple pair of casual jeans or chino pants to create a more cosmopolitan look.

Fashion and comfort, the Ike Behar way

Ike Behar is a family-owned brand of high-quality menswear that has been designing and tailoring pieces since 1960 to meet the standards of sophisticated and discerning men. Class, style, comfort are some of the emblematic values of the brand.

With the pandemic coming to an end, many men are looking to refresh their wardrobe and step out into the world with the confidence that only exceptional pieces can give. Take a look at Ike Behar’s latest arrivals for a selection of pieces that offer a unique combination of fashion and comfort.

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