A history of Ike Behar in movies and television.

A history of Ike Behar in movies and television.


Few people know exactly what goes into making a major Hollywood film. Everything has to be perfect, from the makeup, to the lighting, to the set design to the costume design. So if your clothing brand is trusted enough to grace stars like Kurt Russell, Will Smith, Jack Nicholson, Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino on the silver screen, you can be assured that the clothing's quality is impeccable. Ike Behar has been featured in numerous movies across the decades and is still sought after today to make our most beloved movie stars look their best.

Ike Behar in the movies

Here are a few highlights from over the years:

- "John Wick." Working with esteemed costume director Luca Mosca, Ike Behar created John Wick's signature black and charcoal suits. These stylish, adrenaline-pumping action movies are about getting all the bad guys and making it look good. Behar's suits play a large role in the latter and give the protagonist the underlying feeling of supreme masculinity.

- "Wall Street." There may not have been a more influential piece of media to the dress shirt market in the late 1980s than the movie "Wall Street." You may not have liked the suave stock traders in the movie, but nobody can say they didn't look superb.

- "Reversal of Fortune." Ike Behar himself worked as the costume designer for Jeremy Irons in this dramatic legal thriller from 1990. Few shirtmakers from Havana, Cuba, can say they've reached the level of Hollywood costume designer.

- "Richie Rich." Obviously, such a character couldn't be seen on screen in subpar attire, so Ike Behar was called into action. He provided multiple suits for the movie's titular character, played by a growing Macaulay Culkin.

- "Hangover 2."In this hilarious sequel to one of the most successful comedy movies of all time, Behar provided the shirts to all of the wedding scenes.

Ike Behar on television

Ike Behar's work hasn't just been seen on the big screen, either. He has been a part of several acclaimed television series as well. This includes hit shows such as "The Sopranos," "Entourage," "Weeds" and "Magic City." Ike Behar, a master craftsman, made suits for Tony Soprano and lived to tell about it.

As you can see, not only has Ike Behar's clothing been featured in a wide variety of films and television, but all the projects he's been involved with have always featured characters that were supposed to look great. Looking the part is always a main characteristic of these heroes or antiheroes. This should say something about the absolute quality that Ike Behar delivers. This philosophy isn't just manifested in the films he's brought in for, but in every clothing line he releases. Everybody should have the ability to look their best.

Your self-confidence can only truly shine through when you're unencumbered by the doubt and anxiety regarding appearance that we all feel from time to time. Show off your best self. Someone who would fit right in on the big screen. Be a better you in clothing by Ike Behar.

Ike Behar has been featured in: 


The Great Gatsby 1974

The Cotton Club 1984

Angel Heart 1987

Secret of My Success 1987

Ironweed 1987

Wall Street 1987

Mississippi Burning 1988

Reversal of Fortune 1990

My Blue Heaven 1990

Billy Bathgate 1991

Carlito’s Way – 1993

Six Degrees of Separation 1993

The Cowboy Way 1994

Baby’s Day Out – 1994

Richie Rich 1994

Bullets Over Broadway 1994

Fair Game 1995

Two Bits 1995

Blood & Wine 1996

Heavens Prisoners 1996

Donnie Brasco 1997

Meet Joe Black 1998

Ali 2001

Paycheck 2003

Shall We Dance 2004

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 2004 Ladder 49 2004

In Her Shoes 2005

Shaggy Dog 2006

Miami Vice 2006

Poseidon 2006

American Dream 2006

Ocean’s Thirteen – 2007

The Bucket List 2007

Powder Blue 2008

Appaloosa 2008

Traitor 2008

Soul Men 2008

Hangover 2 2010

John Wick - 2014

John Wick: Chapter 2 - 2017 

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum - 2019

Television Series 

Justice 1998 1999

The Sopranos 1999 2007

The Agency 2001 2003

Alias 2001 2006

Law & Order: Criminal Intent 2001 2007 The Street Lawyer 2003

Las Vegas 2003 2007

North Shore 2004 2005

Entourage 2004 2007

Weeds 2005 - 2007

Magic City - 2010


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