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IKE BEHAR Gold Label

IKE BEHAR Gold Label is our unrivaled premium product. Here we use the finest European fabrics and produce products in the USA and in Italy under the exacting standards that IKE BEHAR, master tailor, learned as a young man and evolved into the core ethos of our brand. Craftsmanship, integrity and quality define IKE BEHAR Gold Label luxury menswear which is exclusively offered in our own IKE BEHAR stores, Neiman Marcus and select specialty stores in the USA.


IKE BEHAR USA is our signature product.which has been the standard for IKE BEHAR's ready to wear product for over 50 years. The "best of the better" has been said of our shirts, ties, clothing and accessories in this tier. Our quality tailoring with attention and refinement is rarely duplicated in this world of fast fashion where too often excellence has give way to expedience. IKE BEHAR USA remains the standard at better department and specialty stores throughout the Americas and Japan.


IKE by IKE BEHAR is our answer to the younger consumer and his needs for quality menswear with a performance aspect for the modern man. Through this tier we strive to offer a high value product at respectable price-points. Here we introduce our brand with many of its quality and style features to a consumer who demands style and economy. IKE by IKE BEHAR products are offered in department apparel stores throughout the USA.